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This blog is written from the point of view of an intense belief in Climate Science, but an equally strong conviction that we, (humanity), have, after a reasonable start, lost all sense of direction, in how to offset the damage.  This is not due to scientific inaccuracies, and technological failures, but almost entirely due to political manipulation. The fault lays, not with supposed, “climate change deniers,” but technophobic green politics; which are denying the populations of the world constructive programmes, and effective use the panoply of remedies available for technological intervention.

Leaving EU with Clean Quick Break

In the UK all political parties are wedded to polarised Mitigation only approach, with no ambition beyond renewable energy powering a diminishing 'grid'.  This obdurate ignorance is threatening the planets existence. The United Kingdom’s departure from EU must be achieved with all possible despatch.  Above all other reasons, we cannot undertake the changes needed, without we adopt changes in our political behaviour, and have full control of our sovereign rights. The UK have outsourced to the EU our responsibilities for climate change issues, both nationally and internationally, as we have outsourced so much more.  On climate we have spent £ millions, with negative effect; and while our climate ship is being navigated by an EU bereft of ideas and unwilling to change, we will negatively spend £millions more.  A Science and technology based practical and pragmatic approach will at least give our children and grandchildren a chance of climate control within their lifetime.  Green Politics and the EU are technophobic, and without credence on mankind’s greatest challenge.

The UK must have Sovereign power on energy

Svante August Arrhenius   Sweden

1859-1927 Nobel Chemist 1903

Discovered 'Greenhouse' effect of Carbon Dioxide on atmosphere

Photograph from Stockholm University web site 

“Warming by at least 2 degrees C seems almost inevitable.  Therefore, there will have to be Adaption, and whilst it is understandable that many green NGO’s blanch at the mere suggestion of Adaption for fear of abandoning Mitigation, it will have to be faced.”

Deiter Helm, CBE, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Oxford "The Carbon Crunch" 2012

Sequestration & Science

The above illustration is of a anthropogenic, (manmade), carbon sink.  The middle picture illustrates a natural sink, science says we are desperate for both.  It is the Ace of Spades in CCS, or Carbon Capture and Storage, (sequestration).

The Science.

In August 2018 a group of International scientists published, (in the journal, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”), a report, updating the predictive behaviour of the planet.  The prognosis is for irreversible tipping points occurring within decades, unless we undertake immediate remedial action, both Nationally and Internationally.  Professor Johan Rockstrom of the University of Stockholm, described the tipping point process, likening it to a row of dominoes, he said, “These tipping elements can potentially act like a row of dominoes.  Once one is pushed over it pushes planet Earth towards another.  It may be very difficult, or impossible, to stop the whole row of dominoes from tipping over.” These tipping elements are carbon sinks and the UK have many, “natural”, elements, as well as potentially massive artificial ones, The illustration is from the website of the, "White Rose CCS Project", cancelled by Government  Ministers who believed 'Austerity' was more important than Climate Change.

Protection of Natural Carbon sinks and Exploitation of CCS sinks are the UK's priority in the 21st Century
The report of the, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”, tells us, “Avoiding Hothouse Earth would require ‘deep cuts’ in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as concerted efforts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, both by preserving natural carbon sinks, and using technology, (to create anthropogenic sinks).”
The picture above shows the unique peatland natural sinks of the Cambrian mountains.  There is no programme to preserve them, (drying out in drought periods is the biggest natural threat), the manmade threat is using the unique landform as, "windfarms", a concrete, steel and diesel assault on the, "rainforests," of the UK.  
Westminster politicians queue up to condemn Brazil and third world Pacific countries for Rainforest clearance, yet the UK's carbon sinks are open to exploitation by energy companies; who the same hypocritical politicians condemn for the price of gas.  Political hypocrisy in all UK parties, regarding climate change, is out of control.
Sequestration, (menu button above), responds to all three immediate demands of the National Academy of Sciences report. 1) Deep Cuts in Greenhouse gas emissions. 2)Preservation of Natural Carbon Sinks. 3) Using Technology to Create man made sinks.  
It would also deliver the cheapest energy in Europe for UK consumers
Photograph courtesy of Meg Shepherd Foster
The Importance of the UN, IPCC, and the Paris Agreement to the UK's International Responsibilities
“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.”
Quote from Ban ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations  2007 ~2016 (Image from UN Climate web site).
Post Brexit it is vitally important the UK operates within the IPCC guidelines, and the Paris Agreement aspirations.  The IPCC science, stripped of its political influences, were the basis for the MAS programmes advocated by this blog, and the accompanying book.  The International responsibilities of the UK are greater post Brexit, when our sovereignties are no longer outsourced to the EU. Mitigation-Adaption- Sequestration (MAS), are key to halting the progress of Global Warming, and our ambitions of keeping average global temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius above the present level.  Connecting the dots, (as Ban ki Moon said), or linkage between Mitigation Adaption and Sequestration and climate phenomena dispels the notion of somehow CO2 can be selectively treated. Atmospheric and terrestrial pollution requires the same interlinked disciplines, whether you are treating the atmosphere in London, where children's health is being put at risk, or plastic in the Southern Oceans threatening marine life.  
Photograph from UN climate website 

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