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Open Letter to Boris Johnson

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The Rt Hon Boris Johnson

10, Downing Street,


Thursday 31st October 2019

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on achieving an election at last. It is a second best election, with a date forced by Parliament. The 12th of December, as you know this is the date which is the penultimate day of COP 25 in Santiago. As a committed environmentalist, the whole Brexit mess threatens the Paris Climate Agreement, simply because it should have been over and done with by today; and the threat to the Paris Agreement is because all the Remain parties conspired for this delay. It demonstrates how the whole bunch are unfit for Governance and statecraft, when they put there own petty ambitions before the only International agreement on Global warming.

I would ask you, in these last few pre-election days that you seek a firm and binding commitment from the EU that there will be no further extensions granted. Because further delays will impact on the EU's own plans to act on scientific advice set out in EASAC 37 in order that they meet the Criteria set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Ideally, both yourself and the EU can make firm commitments to honour the Paris Climate Agreement, but you are in an extremely strong position to practically confirm this commitment. The only completely acceptable freight and passenger movements is by rail networks operating largely on zero emission electrics. Cancelling HS2 and reallocating the infrastructural costs to a 'Brexit' line which stretches from Edinburgh to Dover with linkage to the Cross Pennine lines you have already sanctioned, and crossing the Thames East of London on either a rail only crossing, or a dual motor and rail construction.

Such a line would confirm 'Blue-collar' Conservatism as the Party of Climate Change, and be suitable reward for the people of the East, Northeast, and Scotland, who have consistently voted for Brexit because it will rid us of the shackles of Supranational politics and allow the UK to lead the world and support the Commonwealth in the ever more serious fight against global warming.

I would finally add that COP 26 is to take place in Glasgow, and believe that a future energy commitment between the UK and the United States could see the US signing a Paris Climate Agreement which is modified to recognise America's technological ability, and reductions in GHG's in comparison to China and Germany.

Yours faithfully

James Shepherd Foster

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